Thermal Camera Rental – Everyone loves it

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Thermal Camera Rental – Everyone loves it

Battersea Power Station rented one of our Thermal Cameras for their open-air cinema and it is safe to say the project was a great success.

Click here to watch our video of our temperature scanner being used at the event.

Our temperature monitoring cameras can make your workplace/event a safer place. Temperature checking can reduce the risks of a COVID-19 infection. By spotting a fever/elevated temperature, our devices can allow you to control who you are letting in. Furthermore, our devices can reassure customers/staff and this was evident from the response we received at Battersea. There were smiles all around.

The temperature testing process itself takes seconds. As soon as an individual stands in front of the camera, scanning takes place. It then takes under a second for results to appear.

To see more videos of the camera in action click here.

Our thermal cameras are super-fast, elegant, and easy to use. To learn more about pricing or to organise a free trial of one of our thermal cameras please call us on 0203 174 2575 or email