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Our elegant, fast and easy to use thermal cameras are a clear demonstration of your commitment to the safety your employees and your customers.

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Here at thermal camera solutions, our main priority is your safety. Our goal is to ensure your workplace has effective temperature monitoring in place, so you can detect if someone has a high fever or elevated temperature – symptoms of coronavirus. 


Temperature monitoring has evolved over the last year, with the acceleration of digital transformation. Automatic temperature scanning has been a popular alternative to traditional thermometers and temperature guns, and it is clear to see why.  It can save time and money; workplaces do not need to outsource security or take up staff’s time. Automated software can do the hard-work and mundane tasks for you. The contactless aspect behind temperature detection cameras has been more adequate for health and safety too. We believe our devices can improve and simplify the processes you already have in place.


All of our temperature testing devices are fast, effective, easy-to-use and most of all, favoured highly by employees and visitors – making them feel safe. Our most popular option is our body temperature cameras.


A temperature detection camera can reduce the risk of an outbreak and help you better manage who you are allowing into your workplace. 


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Contactless Scanning
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Automatic Mask Detection
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High Temperature Alerts

What is a normal body temperature and how do our cameras detect a fever?

The average body temperature should be 37°C. A body temperature that is 38°C or above is considered a fever caused by an illness/infection/virus. Our cameras are programmed to recognize this.


We like to think that our software makes temperature testing easy. As soon as an individual approaches one of our cameras, they will be scanned. If a high temperature or fever is detected, our cameras will send out an audio and visual alarm. It is as simple as that.


Our temperature monitoring cameras are produced by Dahua, a reputable brand with years of experience delivering technological solutions.

Other properties

Our innovative cameras also come with mask detection and door access features. In short, this means less work for your staff and more accurate safety measures. We can take mundane tasks of telling people to put a mask on and giving them access to a building, out of your hands. Everything is automated, making your lives much easier.


Plus, we are that confident we will deliver an outstanding service, that we offer a 7-day free trial for all our cameras.


An innovative, speedy and effective temperature testing machine for your workplace is just a phone call away…


Most people rent a body temperature monitoring system. And for very good reasons. It makes perfect sense. Our systems come fully configured, with all the accessories, set-up, installed and ready to go. And whatever the problem, whether it is the camera, the power, or the software; we’ll support you, manage it and maintain it. You’ll never need to worry, we’ll take responsibility for everything.


Some people prefer to buy a body temperature monitoring system. We sell to companies and organisations of all types and sizes. What they all have in common is that they know that there is simply no better system out there. Before we sell you anything, we’ll take time to understand your needs so you have a system that meets your exact requirements.

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