Benefits of using our temperature monitoring cameras

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Benefits of using our temperature monitoring cameras

We believe our temperature monitoring cameras have many benefits. Aside from the obvious of keeping your company safe, our cameras can automate mundane tasks that security or staff at your workplace must do.

Our cameras have door access features. The door will only open if an individual’s temperature is below 37.8°C. A temperature higher than this will result in an audio and visual alarm being triggered. As well as denied access to a building. This is beneficial for allowing a company to control who enters their building. But it also takes stress off security and other receptionist staff. Reminding people to put their mask on will be a thing of the past. Also, the difficult task of telling someone they cannot come in will be done for you, as a high temperature = no access.

Furthermore, there will be no need to employ or get a member of staff to monitor visitor’s/employee’s temperatures – this is our cameras job.

Temperature testing is one way you can tell if a person has COVID-19. Our systems cannot detect COVID-19; what they can do is help you take sensible steps to prevent an outbreak and limit the risks.

Simply put, our cameras detect what the human eye can’t. You would not be able to tell if someone entering your workplace/care home or building had an elevated temperature, but our cameras would.

For fast, effective, and easy-to-use temperature testing, please enquire.