Temperature Monitoring Access Systems

body temperature camera with facial recognition, temperature machine to detect a high fever

Temperature Monitoring Access Systems

Temperature monitoring access systems

At Thermal Camera Solutions, we specialise in all things innovative. That’s why our cameras also have door access integration available. Our temperature monitoring access systems can deny and give entry to an individual, (dependent on the conditions set.) For instance, they can give access if a mask is being worn and a temperature result is normal.

Why are access systems beneficial?

Access control can help your company enforce regulations and put safer precautions in place. You can ensure that visitors are wearing a mask in your setting. As a result, this can help the re-opening of hospitality and entertainment industries. It should be your company’s utmost priority to keep your staff/visitors/customers/residents safe. So, why not opt for a more advanced temperature monitoring solution that ticks all the boxes.

We’re so much more than just temperature monitoring, we speed up the temperature testing process and offer other innovative features that a temperature gun cannot.

As a result of automating access control, you can take tasks out of your staff’s hands, saving them time and you money. This can speed up entrance admissions as everything will be done for you.

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