Fever Detection Camera Hire

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Fever Detection Camera Hire

Fever detection camera hire

At Thermal Camera Solutions, we specialise in fever detection cameras. Our systems are advanced. They will automatically scan an individual for a high temperature. No contact will be required. Making our solutions more cost-effective and safer than temperature guns. In terms of purchase options, our systems are available for hire. We like to think of ourselves as flexible. If you need to rent our cameras for an event/one-off occasion that is possible. Or if you need to buy our systems, that is equally fine.

Fever screening

We can provide temperature management solutions for your company. Fever screening/detection is extremely important for spotting symptoms of a virus. A fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, but as well as that it can be a sign of an alternative infection. Our systems make it possible for you to spot these signs and send take the steps necessary to reduce the spread of infection. Keeping your workplace safe and offering reassurance.

Fever screening can help encourage business, post-lockdown. Customers and visitors will feel reassured that your company is doing everything possible to keep them safe. This can give you an edge over competitors in the hospitality sectors for instance.

Thermal camera rental

Our temperature detection cameras are available for rental. If you are organising an event/concert or gathering we advise renting one of our body temperature cameras. They are very beneficial for one-off or short-term events. As well as this, you may find that you would like to rent before making any serious commitments. This is equally as fine. Whatever option you choose, rent or buy, we will set up your systems without a fuss. Quickly and effectively. We can train you on how to use it and answer any maintenance questions if ever required.

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