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Facial Recognition – Incorporating Safety into your Post-Lockdown Workplace

Facial recognition is becoming increasingly important as a way to incorporate contactless processes into our lives. Here at Thermal Camera Solutions we recognize the need to innovate and are constantly working to add value to our industry-leading technologies by adding and researching new technology and features.

We integrated facial recognition software with our Temperature Monitoring Thermal Cameras so not only are the temperatures of those trying to gain entry to a facility measured, but also the faces of those whose temperature is over the threshold. These people are detected so that those with high temperatures can be informed that they will need to isolate for up to 2 weeks.

This quickly and effectively mitigates the risks of infection and acts as an early warning system for those who are infected but unaware.

We take pride in the fact that our Thermal Camera Systems are now installed in a variety of venues and our services are contributing to the safety of thousands. These include hotel and restaurant receptions, shops, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, and offices to mention just a few.

As lockdown ends and life returns to normal, help keep it that way by ensuring your business screens your employees and visitors as they enter the premises and workplaces you want to keep secure. Our facial recognition technology will accurately tell you who is safe to enter, who isn’t, and follows up by letting them and you know. It does this even if they are wearing a mask and can prevent those from entering if they are not wearing one.

We have taken all safety considerations into account at Thermal Camera Solutions to make things much easier for you. We support your return to work and make it as safe as possible to do so.

To enquire about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of The Body Thermal Camera please call me, Simon Pritchard on 01483 866066 or email simon.pritchard@solutions.co.uk