Thermal cameras for care home use.

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Thermal cameras for care home use.

Our temperature monitoring cameras are ideal for care homes. As you are more than aware, elderly people are extremely vulnerable to infection. It should be every care home’s utmost priority to look after and protect their residents. Is your care home doing enough in this pandemic? Could you do more? Our thermal cameras are an ideal COVID-19 strategy. They scan staff/visitors for a high temperature upon entering. Preventing them from bringing a virus into the care home. And, our cameras can be used to scan residents before leaving their rooms. To prevent an infection from spreading to other people.

One of our clients, The Clavadel, installed one of our cameras at their care home. The Clavadel are a leading private post-operative care and convalescence facility. They found our camera particular useful in managing their staff’s temperature checks quickly and effectively.

Nurses, and caregivers are busy people, and the last thing they want is for temperature checks to take up a lot of their time. Our temperature monitoring cameras are ideal in this sense as they can deliver results in under a second.

This makes our cameras ideal for care home use

According to GOV, from 12th April, every care home resident can nominate up to 2 named visitors who will be able to enter the care home for regular visits (and will be able to visit together or separately as preferred). Visitors must be tested with rapid flow tests. Subsequently, you can keep your residents extra safe by conducting temperature testing.

How can fever screening help residents?

A high temperature can be a symptom of an illness, even if it’s not COVID-19, it could be something else. Make sure your care home is doing everything possible to limit the chances of exposure and reduce the risks.

Installing fever screening will also reassure your residents as they will be able to see you are doing everything possible to look after them. Furthermore, it is comforting for visitors to see that their loved ones are being looked after.

Rent or buy our temperature checkers

You can rent or buy one of our thermal cameras, we recommend for a long-term covid-strategy to buy one of our systems so they have a permanent residence at your workplace. Find out more about our purchase options here. Rent Buy